HNPSPHealth, Nutrition and Population Sector Programme (also seen as HNPS; Bangladesh)
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Apart from the HNPSP and the i-PRSP, the National Health Policy enacted in 2000 provides the health policy framework in Bangladesh.
However, a National Maternal Health Strategy was formulated in 2001, which is a comprehensive workplan to ensure safe motherhood for all women throughout the country and is integrated in the HNPSP.
HIV/AIDS funding should be integrated within HNPSP.
HNPSP focuses on modernising health, nutrition and population (HNP) services in Bangladesh and continues with the sector-wide approach used in HPSP, ESP (which is now to be known as Essential Service Delivery or ESD) and improved equity.
The MoHFW estimates that HNPSP will cost 324,503 million Taka (US$4,73.
NASP has prepared Procurement Plans for the 3year period remaining under HNPSP, for which No Objection has been received from the Bank.
MOHFW has agreed to contract UNICEF to manage the NGO contracts for 12 more months until December 31, 2008, after which it is expected that the Management Support Agency (MSA) under the HNPSP will take over this activity.
Both BSS and sero-surveillance have been undertaken over several rounds; it is important that the MSA ensure that experienced and high quality institutions are brought on board at the earliest for the remaining period of HNPSP to undertake this key activity without interruption.
Components such as the Advocacy and Communication and the Safe Blood program were not well implemented under HAPP, and it is not clear how HNPSP will ensure that they will be better done henceforth.
Under HNPSP and GFATM funding, it is essential that the
funding to funding under HNPSP as the planned institutional mechanisms
activities are subsumed under HNPSP there will not be the same