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Finally, the periodicity measurements of autocorrelation and HNR were not significantly different between softened and non-softened words in Jennings's reading.
Otro de los valores importantes en el analisis acustico fue la medida de ruido mediante el HNR, donde el ruido es una energia aperiodica ocasional en la voz que puede ocurrir en toda la extension de frecuencia de esta o en determinados segmentos (30, 31).
Hence this case report studying the dynamic soundfield system in classroom in teacher's voice and vocal health, it was possible to conclude the use of dynamic soundfield system in one period of the day was effective to improve and decrease the dry throat symptom, fatigue while talking, and vocal effort, as well as the improvement on voice quality showed by the decrease in roughness and breathiness, besides the enhancing in f0, jitter and HNR acoustic measures.
The paired t-test was utilized to Wcompare the means oWf the acoustic parameters, namely mean F0, minimum F0, maximum F0, SD F0, jitter, shimmer, HNR, mean intensity, maximum intensity, and minimum intensity at rest and SES periods.
From the full HNR sample (n = 4,814), we excluded 432 participants with missing information on depressive symptoms (CES-D and/or antidepressant medication) and an additional 593 participants with prevalent high depressive symptoms at baseline (Figure 1).
Gender did not distinguished HR and HNR groups, suggesting that gender is not associated with identifying personal anger problems.
It is vital that HNR can provide the best possible advice and give clients the confidence to maximise each opportunity.
Foram entrevistados, no periodo de marco a outubro de 2011, quatro medicos, oito enfermeiras, quatro tecnicos de enfermagem, tres auxiliares de enfermagem, um dentista, um nutricionista, uma assistente social e uma psicologa, totalizando 23 (vinte e tres) profissionais da saude que participaram, vivenciaram, direta ou indiretamente, do cuidado as pessoas com HIV/Aids, internadas no HNR, no periodo de 1986 a 2006.
PRAAT propone que una medida original de HNR debe ser de 20 para /a/ o /i/ y de 40 para la vocal /u/.
With the help of smart multi-beam antenna technology, the HNR can automatically detect all other HNR radios within range and allow users to pass video, voice or Internet Protocol data traffic to and from each other.