HNRSHead and Neck Restraint System
HNRSHealth Network for Rural Schools (Oregon; Robert Wood Johnson Foundation)
HNRSHOMS National Reference Center
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One novel administrative move we tried was to cross-list the course under two different HNRS course numbers, one for humanities general education credit and the other for natural sciences general education credit.
For example, an Art Historian can teach HNRS 215 Imago Dei, a Biologist HNRS 240 On the Nature of Things, a Film professor HNRS 101 American Persona, a Business professor HNRS 130 Society and Its Discontents.
Thus began the month-long, collaborative project at Loyola Marymount University between the honors underclassmen in HNRS 140, On Motion and Mechanics, taught by Alissa S.