HNSAHead & Neck Surgical Associates (various locations)
HNSAhost-nation support agreement (US DoD)
HNSAHistoric Naval Ship Association
HNSAHughes Network Systems Americas (Hughes Network Systems, LLC)
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HNSA interact with the nanotubes through its ionic group by means of cation-it interaction as evidenced by FTIR and Raman spectroscopic analyses discussed below.
Finally, Borba emphasizes that the partnership with HNSA is fundamentally important for FTC to achieve its major objective of contributing to democratizing quality teaching and digital inclusion: "Our courses are assisted by a robust technological support and operated by a flexible, intelligent approach.
HNSA designs, develops, installs and maintains a wide variety of managed network solutions such as Interactive Training and Distance Learning, Corporate Video and Audio Broadcasting, Streaming Content and IP Multicast Services, Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) and Business Continuity/Backup Services.
It's an ideal example of how satellite broadband technology can bring broadband connectivity virtually anywhere, cost-effectively, thereby closing the so-called digital divide," said Delio Morais, president of HNSA.
According to Joao Navarro, UNOPAR's Technology director, several companies were considered, but HNSA presented "the best solution in all aspects.