HNVHebrew Names Version
HNVHigh Nature Value (farmland)
HNVHeilbronner Hohenloher Haller Nahverkehr GmbH (German)
HNVHijos Nacidos Vivos (Spanish: Children Born Alive)
HNVHealth Network Ventures, Inc. (Kansas City, MO)
HNVHump Nosed Viper (snake species)
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To identify the factors affecting the presence of vitiligo in HN patients, various variables were compared between the HNO and HNV groups by uni- and multi-variate unconditional logistic regression analyses.
Coalition personnel to lead by ethical example when conducting business in the HN so HNG and HNV personnel can see the benefits of conducting fair business practices according to procurement laws and policies.
So, what do we mean by HNV farming and why should it be better supported?
The FNUniv grounds were chosen as the venue for the event not only because there is a long and successful history between HNV Productions and FNUniv in organizing events such as the yearly Native Idol Concert, but also because it was a way to bring something positive to the university, said Wolfe.
In the summer of 1911, the HNV took part in the music and sport festival of Kansanvalistusseura (People's Education Society).
In 372 sample areas of 100 hectares in each case, the open land is checked for the quality and extent of various HNV area types and landscape elements.
This applies equally to HNG procurement personnel who violate its laws, so that HNG and HNV personnel alike know corruption will not be tolerated and that there are punishable consequences for it.
The cover letter should include the position title and HNV number.
To develop the entire infrastructure, HNV will partner with AGT, the telephone company for the province of Alberta.