HNVFHigh Nature Value Farmland
HNVFHealthy Neighborhoods Venture Fund (San Jose, CA)
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In the Mediterranean in particular, HNVF includes some of the most traditional agricultural crops such as cork oaks, olives, carob and vineyards.
The project specific objectives are: (i): Increased knowledge of threats and trends facing HNV farmers, leading to identification of practical actions to improve policy, capacity, markets and funding for HNVF systems, thus promoting sustainability of project results; (ii): Improved capacity of key persons and multipliers (HNV farmers, farmer organizations and other agriculture related organizations/institutions) to pass on innovation and skills to secure future markets and funding; (iii): Improved markets for HNV products, improved HNV farmer incomes from markets, and improved public awareness of the value of HNV farmlands.
HNVFs sustain traditional methods of low-input farming supporting biodiversity and ecosystem services while maintaining natural and structural elements important at national and European level.