HNVSHelicopter Night Vision System
HNVSHughes Night Vision System
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HNG logistics personnel, who will likely receive the procured goods directly from the HNVs, also must be skilled at properly accepting and rejecting items under the terms of the contract.
HNVs need enough personnel skilled in manufacturing the items to be procured.
HNG logistics organizations need secure, environmentally controlled facilities to store products received from HNVs. It does little good to procure quality products if they will not be stored and managed properly.
HNVs need secure facilities to prevent theft and attacks/ intimidation by criminals/insurgents, and safe facilities for their workers.
We somewhat derogatorily referred to this phenomenon, along with a usually less hectic work pace in both HNG and HNV personnel, as occurring in "Afghan Time." In a contingency deployment of 6 to 12 months, it can also be difficult for some U.S.
The best practice I can recommend is for U.S.-Coalition personnel to lead by ethical example when conducting business in the HN so HNG and HNV personnel can see the benefits of conducting fair business practices according to procurement laws and policies.
According to The JCIDS Manual, "The personnel component primarily ensures that qualified personnel exist to support joint capability requirements." This is important for U.S.-Coalition and HNG procurement personnel and the HNV workforce.
LA team may be the training of HNVs to properly respond to U.S.
HNVs also may need training on how to manufacture products to U.S.
This applies equally to HNG procurement personnel who violate its laws, so that HNG and HNV personnel alike know corruption will not be tolerated and that there are punishable consequences for it.
Other organizations of great importance include the HNG organization that officially registers and licenses HN and external vendors to operate within its borders and validates HNV credentials.
NGOs and HN industry groups (if they exist) should be engaged in assessing the HN industrial base and assisting with training both HNG and HNV organizations and personnel.