HNWHigh Net Worth
HNWHome Network
HNWHighband Networking Waveform (wireless communication)
HNWHarsh Noise Wall (musical style)
HNWHeel 'n' Wheel-A-Thon (fundraising walkathon for the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of Canada)
HNWHome Networking Wizard (MIcrosoft Windows ME)
HNWHaiti News Watch (fact-checking organization)
HNWHuman Noise and Wildlife
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The HNW supports mobile ad hoc networking by automatically discovering and tracking moving nodes.
Taken together, nearly 60% of the HNW market are or were business owners.
MFG realizes that HNW individuals and business owners will want to maximize the financial capabilities of their assets by strategically aligning their credit and investment needs with their trusted financial adviser/institution.
Access to a better or wider range of investment options is a particularly strong incentive for offshore investments among HNW individuals in less mature markets.
Spectrem's research finds that both HNW men and women forecast their likeliest investments in the coming year will be in short-term investments and equities, such as stocks or stock mutual funds.
Beyond the amount of a HNW client's wealth, the source of the money also influences attitudes and expectations, says Cindy Richey, CFP with Prosperity Planning Inc.
Advisers will also need to comprehend fully the "network of influence" on which their female HNW clients rely in making such financial decisions.
Currently PURE offers coverage not only in Florida but also in South Carolina, New York, and New Jersey, enrolling "a few hundred or a few thousand families," with the lure not only of coverage in a tough market but also substantial savings on premiums--something that in today's economic conditions tempts even the HNW
Additionally, trailing edge HNW boomers appear, as a group, to have experienced financial success early in their working lives.
The Polish HNW population is dominated by entrepreneurs who prefer to stay in control of their finances, even if they lack experience in capital markets.