HNWIHigh Net-Worth Individual
HNWIHigh-Net-Worth Investors
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1 Key Insights into Latin American HNWI and UHNWI Investment Behavior
Equity and real estate gains remain by far the strongest pillars supporting this rise in HNWI wealth in Asia-Pacific, overcoming tepid GDP growth in China, a stagnant Japanese economy, and uneven EU and US recoveries, impacting export-dependent emerging Asia.
Nigerian HNWI allocations to Asia-Pacific increased rapidly compared with other regions during the review period, rising from 11.
o Hong Kong HNWI allocations to Asia-Pacific decreased during the review period, from 58.
North America is second in the world to Asia-Pacific in sheer numbers of HNWI.
There were approximately 228,736 HNWIs in Spain in 2014, which held US$968.
26 trillion in wealth, and wealth per HNWI was US$5,077,042.
As forecast in the 2013 World Wealth Report, Asia-Pacific is still expected to have the largest HNWI.
HNWI from Muscat and Manama prefer Dubai to London; security and lifestyle offered top the list of drivers, while capital value growth and the emirate's perceived safe haven status top the list of factors influencing HNWI investments into Dubai
It is therefore unsurprising that the number of HNWI looking to invest regionally is 60 per cent higher than in 2011, and that 80 per cent of those surveyed are very likely to make an investment in the region during 2013.
The past few years have seen great fluctuations in HNWI wealth and population," said Tamer Rashad, head of Middle East Merrill Lynch Wealth Management.
The global HNWI population remained highly concentrated in the US, Japan and Germany, which together accounted for 53.