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HNWIHigh-Net-Worth Investors
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India also saw strong growth in 2009 with its HNWI population and wealth increasing 50.9 percent and 53.8 percent respectively.
In the Middle East, the total HNWI population rose 7.1pc to 400,000, returning to 2007 levels, and their combined wealth increased by 5.1pc to $1.5trn.
Concentration of Wealth in Japan and ChinaJapan and China continue to host a large percentage of the Asia Pacific HNWI population and its wealth.
The number of ultra-HNWIs Eoe1/4" people with fortunes of more than $30 million, excluding their main home and consumables Eoe1/4" suffered more losses in wealth than the HNWI population as a whole.
* South African HNWI allocations to Africa increased rapidly compared with other regions during the review period, rising from 25.5% in 2011 to 32.5% in 2015.
* The South African HNWI population is forecast to grow by 10.8%, to reach 53,862 in 2020, while HNWI wealth is projected to grow by 25.9% to reach US$288.1 billion.
The report focuses on HNWI performance between the end of 2010 and the end of 2014, determining how well the country's HNWIs have performed through the crisis.
This report provides projections of the volume and wealth of Russia HNWIs. This includes demographic trends (2009-2013) and findings of the proprietary Wealth Insight HNWI Database.
Aside from Dubai, Saudi Arabia's residential market (20 per cent) and Doha's office (7.5 per cent), hotel and leisure sectors (7.5 per cent) remain high on the lists of Abu Dhabi's HNWI. For investors based in the Bahraini capital, Riyadh's residential market (15 per cent) and Doha's residential, office and hotel and leisure sectors (five per cent each) are also of high importance.
San Jose moved to ninth position in 2011 from 10th in 2010, with HNWI growth at 2.1% in 2011 versus 2.7% in 2010.