HNXHeavy Nuclei Explorer
HNXHead and Neck Xenograft (cancer)
HNXHydrogen Nitrogen Mixtures (steel industry in annealing furnaces)
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But even if considered separately, HOSE and HNX have already overtaken the PSE on several aspects.
Table 2: Statistics of firms by industries The number of firm Total Percentage Industry HNX HSX [N.
Federation of public sector data centre resources from within the European Grid Infrastructure (EGI) with HNX also enables EGI's research communities to use HNX services within a hybrid cloud model.
The HNX broker is based on SlipStream[R], an innovative product from SixSq.
SixSq has now taken over the hosting, management and support of HNX, previously operated by Atos.
And we welcome the opportunity to further develop the unique HNX service with great partners from the Helix Nebula initiative.
The sample consists of 116 non-financial firms listed on HOSE and HNX.
In the below section, data used are from total 5 listed entertainment industry companies on VN stock exchange (HOSE and HNX mainly).
HNX is a state-owned, single-member, limited liability company, responsible for organising securities markets.
Beginning in May 2014, customers will be able to use HNX to choose between various suppliers or combinations of suppliers offering independent Cloud services, and to buy, use and manage such Cloud services seamlessly.
com)-- On 14 May 2014 SixSq will be presenting at a public event at CERN, the European Organisation for Nuclear Research, where it will demonstrate the use of SlipStream as a broker in the new Helix Nebula Marketplace, HNX.