HO1Heme Oxygenase 1
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Ho1: The hypothesis Ho1 was rejected at the significance level p<.05 and r= .45 which shows a medium correlation between Pareto Principle and Maxwell's levels of leadership.
Therefore, Ho1 are accept for human capital and foreign direct investment because there are a significant factor that influences GDP with independent variable, which are human capital and investment.
Immunohistochemical staining for hemeoxygenase-1 (HO1) expression in lung specimens (A).
The cells were cultured for 72 h, and the expression of toll-like receptor 2 (TLR2), TLR4, NF-[kappa]B, heme oxygenase-1 (HO1), receptor for advanced glycation end-products (RAGE), and nucleotide oligomerization domain 2 (NOD2) were estimated.
Existe evidencia suficiente para no rechazar la hipotesis nula, Ho1, antes de implementar la estrategia de aula invertida en conjunto con el aprendizaje basado en competencia en las clases de ingles.
T-test was applied to test the hypotheses (Ho1 and Ho2) framed for the study.
Induction of the oxidative stress was detected as the production of ROS (a) and increase in the levels of mRNA of the phase II detoxification enzymes Nqo1 and HO1 (b).
In addition, fidarestat increased the expression of Nrf2 downstream target proteins such as HO1 and NQO1 in Thp1 cells and heart and kidney tissues of STZ-induced diabetic mice.
Two main isoforms, HO1 and HO2, have been characterized as products of two different genes with distinct tissue- and cell-specific expression patterns [24, 26].
D-Galactose treatment remarkably decreased the protein levels of HO1 and SOD1, but AOF treatment ameliorated the effect in a dose-dependent manner (Figure 1(c)).
Ho1: There is no significant relation between usability and M-Commerce