HOAPHarvard Open Access Project (Harvard University)
HOAPHome Ownership Assistance Program (various states)
HOAPHumanoid for Open Architecture Platform (Fuitsu Automation robots; Japan)
HOAPHeart of Albion Press (UK)
HOAPHomeless Outreach and Advocacy Project
HOAPHealth for Older Adults Program (Hamilton, Ontario, Canada)
HOAPHorizon Organic Agriculture Project
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The committee leaders said the Ministry of Religious Affairs maintains that the HOAP Company working on Hajj and Umra is quite strong.
The additional quota would go to the new HOAP members, said Mr Butt.
Flanked by a group of Haj operators, including Masood Shinwari, provincial president HOAP, Faisal Khan, the vice-president and Imran Marwat, the provincial general secretary, Mr Sanaullah claimed that the HOAP members (operators) were providing quality facilities to the pilgrims on minimum payment compared to the government.
The HOAP central and provincial leaders said that due to best Hajj services and successful Hajj operations of Pakistani private Hajj companies from last years, Pakistan has come on 2nd position after Malaysia and Indonesia.
TABLE 4: Anglo and Hispanic State and Local Government Employment, Osceola County--1991-2005 ANGLOS % HISPANICS % AOAP * % HOAP ** % 1991 846 88 60 6 150 92 4 2 1993 897 87 53 5 168 92 6 3 1995 543 89 36 6 88 94 4 4 1997 966 89 60 6 97 96 2 2 1999 815 83 91 9 144 87 11 7 2001 808 79 130 13 143 82 22 13 2003 842 74 174 15 138 78 30 17 2005 962 75 195 15 178 79 32 14 Source: Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, State and Local Government Information (EEO-4) for Osceola County.
"Hoap of a Tree' in Riddley Walker." Christianity and Literature 43:3-4 (Spring-Summer 1994): 347-74.
has created the Horizon Organic Agriculture Project (HOAP), a program designed to build upon the company's agricultural stewardship and advance the company's vision for the future.
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ISLAMABAD -- Private Hajj Group Organizers Association of Pakistan (HOAP) has established main control rooms at Jeddah and Makkah Makarrama to register and resolve complaints of private scheme pilgrims in Saudi Arabia.
LAHORE -- Strongly supporting the idea of gradually transferring the Hajj operation to the private sector, head of the Hajj Organisers Association of Pakistan (HOAP) said Wednesday that such a move would enable the intending pilgrims to get many packages according to their resources and stay durations in Saudi Arabia according to time available to them.
HOAP's Chairman Waheed Iqbal and Hajj Director Saeed Malik, joint secretary religious affairs Zainab Bangish were also present on the occasion.