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Mine hoast he hath but one eye which good is, As for condtions [sic] good, one lesse then this, I pray ye guestes as many as come hether, In his behalfe to put these both together.
HUMANS: axle-tooth 'a molar tooth', hink 'to halt, to falter', hoast "to cough', lug 'an ear', marrow 'a companion, a fellow worker', marrow 'to join, associate; to bring together, pair; to find a match for', melder 'a quantity of meal ground at one time', muster 'to whisper, speak privately', querken 'to choke, suffocate, stifle', rame 'to shout, cry, scream', rove 'scabby, scaly or scurfy condition of the skin', skirl 'to scream, shriek, cry out shrilly', spaeman 'prophet, fortune-teller', storken 'to become stout, sturdy, strong; to grow', swaver 'to stager, to totter', sword sliper 'a sword sharpener', tave 'to move the limbs ineffectually, to sprawl', thumble-toe 'the great toe', waithman "a hunter';
Verity notes, the |mooned horns' of the angels' phalanx recalls the battle formation of Tasso's Egyptians: |e fece anch'ei l'essercito cornuto, / Co'fanti in mezzo, e i Cavalieri al fianco' (XX.22).(14) Fairfax translates: |Like the newe moone his hoast two homes did spreed / In midst the foote, the horse were on each side.' Milton draws again on Fairfax when he says that Satan stood |Like Teneriff or Atlas unremoved'(987).