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generations of Lie Kim Hok and Kwee Tek Hoay. Chinese literacy among the
within Chinese religious communities, marked by the Kwee Tek Hoay's
Kwee Tek Hoay's idea here is very interesting, as he was fully
Hoay: From a textile seller to a writer], edited by Myra Sidharta, pp.
Kwee Tek Hoay. "Agama Tionghoa [The Chinese religion]".
Tekstil sampai ke Pendekar Pena [A hundred years of Kwee Tek Hoay: From
Tjoe Tat Mo is said to be a Chinese, a poet, novelist, playwright, translator, historian, ethnographer, and philosopher--all descriptions which can be attributed to Kwee Tek Hoay. (11) He also runs a magazine, as Kwee did Panorama.
Far from being a proletarian novel, Kwee Tek Hoay has turned Digoel, an icon of communist resistance, into an icon of love that overcomes all odds, including communism.
Needless to say, it is ironic that the most conservative of the three novels, Kwee Tek Hoay's Drama di Boven Digoel, is the one currently in circulation, being selected for republication in the multi-volume anthology of Sino-Malay literature, Kesastraan Melayu Tionghoa dan kebangsaan Indonesia, in 2001.
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