HOBASHostage Barricade Database System
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Initially, the installation of the pipe itself didn't set any records for pace, but it was consistent and non-eventful," said Omar Carrasco, HOBAS field service technician.
HOBAS manufactured fittings for the pushing and receiving shaft locations.
We chose sliplining with HOBAS pipes because it seemed very user-friendly, and we didn't have to bypass flow," said Mahan.
Modern attributed the low loads to the mostly coral soils and the true outside diameter dimensions of the HOBAS pipes.
HOBAS fabricated a variety of fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) fittings to match the required alignment.
When one of the products was damaged onsite, HOBAS was there with a solution.
In addition to expediting the design phase, HOBAS met the tight delivery schedule for materials.
HOBAS customer service was constantly in touch with the installers to ensure that pipe was there on time.
Consistent with this life cycle cost analysis, HOBAS could provide structural reliability, corrosion resistance, and maintain the flow long term.
HOBAS centrifugally-cast, fiberglass-reinforced, polymer mortar pipe, cured-in-place pipe liner, and a segmental fiberglass-reinforced plastic liner were the materials the specifications allowed in the structural curved sections.
One of the most important attributes of HOBAS pipes is its superior strain corrosion performance (ASTM D3681).
HOBAS pipes are also supplied with a flexible non-reinforced liner resin which provides crack resistance and abrasion resistance on the pipe ID.