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HOBOSHoming Bomb System
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Alongside the classic steak favourites such as pepper steak and steak Diane, Hobos have their own 'special sauce' and have recently added the more adventurous steak in a creamy, white chocolate sauce
When they were in towns, hobos drew special signs to leave other hobos important messages.
Andrew Granade's book contributes an important, largely overlooked perspective to the modest but growing Partch literature: the lasting effect of Partch's years as a hobo on his musical development and artistic identity.
Auctioneer Bonhams said: "Hungry Hobos is an incredible find, a lost masterpiece.
First album The Grass Mountain Hobos won three 2009 PEI Music Awards and the 2009 East Coast Music Association's Bluegrass Album of the Year.
Go for hobos in black stripes or stylish totes with pockets for your mobile phone and other essentials.
Hobos aren't dependent on foreign oil or electronics.
Not surprisingly, hobos at many turns faced public hostility and the gaze of reformers.
These hobos could be contemporary descendents of Beckett's Vladimir and Estragon - waiting in a kind of wasteland for something to arrive.
Word of mouth was the only advertisement necessary for hobos to find these resting places.
He lived by the hobo code, which is vanishing, he said, because young hobos are ill bred.
Onset Computer Corporation, a leading supplier of battery-powered data loggers, today announced the availability of a USB-based Ethernet server which allows multiple HOBO data loggers to be connected over an Ethernet network.