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HOBOSHoming Bomb System
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Not surprisingly, hobos at many turns faced public hostility and the gaze of reformers.
Andrew Granade's book contributes an important, largely overlooked perspective to the modest but growing Partch literature: the lasting effect of Partch's years as a hobo on his musical development and artistic identity.
The single itinerant hobo is but one of many characters in Wyman's work.
Auctioneer Bonhams said: "Hungry Hobos is an incredible find, a lost masterpiece.
Go for hobos in black stripes or stylish totes with pockets for your mobile phone and other essentials.
Hobos aren't dependent on foreign oil or electronics.
Touring constantly and with music full of humour and musicality, The Hobos bring with them tales of the wandering dreamer and the train hopping adventurer in a way that engages audiences both young and old.
HOBO Exile Hotel headline Coventry's Colosseum in Primrose Hill Street tomorrow.
These hobos could be contemporary descendents of Beckett's Vladimir and Estragon - waiting in a kind of wasteland for something to arrive.
Instead of a thousand dollars and days of lead time to add a monitoring point, I can do it in a couple of hours and for a couple of hundred dollars, using Keyspan hubs and my existing HOBO U12 loggers.
HOBOs are portable electronic recording device that can be set up in minutes to monitor temperature, humidity, light, and other types of data.
In exchange for a form of freedom, hobos say they experience a day-to-day existence that is gritty, grimy and often dangerous.