HOCSCitizenship Survey (UK; formerly Home Office Citizenship Survey)
HOCSHead of Corporate Services (job title)
HOCSHeens Office Consulting Services (Brussels, Belgium)
HOCSHome & Office Computer Support (UK)
HOCSHead of Customer Service
HOCSHungarian Outdoor Club of Scotland (Scotland, UK)
HOCSHead Office Computer System
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Higher order concerns (HOCs) and lower order concerns (LOCs).
therefore, it is necessary to conduct a post hoc test.
The HOC concentration was negatively correlated with the machine size (Spearman's rho = -0.71, p = .007).
Soil/sediment organic matter (SOM) is usually believed to be the principle sorbing component for PAHs and other hydrophobic organic chemicals (HOCs) [1-3].
Differences within levels of diagnosis and CorrType factors were confirmed via Bonferroni corrected post hocs. For all ANOVAs, the assumption of sphericity was verified using Mauchly's sphericity test.
When the signal is stable, theoretically, Hocs = k[E.sub.s].
HoCs "And there are stories that the Ministry of Defence used How it Works: The Computer, but hid it behind a plain cover so people didn't know they were reading a children's book."
The 1995 establishment of a coordinating structure consisting of the heads of these services, popularly known as 'HOCS' (or Heads of Civilian Services), consolidated the relationship between the different components, and had the blessing of the GNU.
Interestingly, Tukey's post hocs indicated that the African-American characters were rated as less likely to be terrorists at security than all other ethnicities (all p's <.05).
In this paper, a HOCS is employed with a combination of accelerated multigrid technique to solve the energy equation in spherical polar coordinates.
Consequently, "STES literacy" requires the development of students' evaluative system thinking and transfer capabilities in this context via the corresponding innovative higher-order cognitive skills (HOCS)-promoting teaching assessment and learning strategies; meaning a shift, within different multicultural contexts, from the currently dominating lower-order cognitive skills (LOCS) algorithmic "teaching-to-know", to HOCS-promoting "learning-to-think", typified by students' capabilities of "critical evaluative system thinking" and "decision-making for problem solving and transfer".
Camera (color) Maryse Alberti; editor, Plummy Tucker; music, Peter Nashel; music supervisor, John McCullough; sound (Dolby Digital), David Hocs; supervising sound editor, Allan Zaleski; re-recording mixer, Tony Volante.