HODARHusband of a Daughter of the American Revolution
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Most studies agree that taxon-specific regression equations on the level of orders are necessary (see Hodar 1996; Wardhaugh 2013).
A sample size of n = 10 can be adequate to find a significant relationship of size-mass with high [R.sup.2] values (Hodar 1996), but the probability that the regression is useful for most of the different species/shapes is low, due to low predictive power.
For example, increased FA has been observed both in animals and plants in response to pollution, parasitism, grazing, competition, and drought (Freeman et al., 1995; Kozlov et al., 1996; Alados et al., 2003; Hodar, 2002, Graham et al., 2010).
"Men [who are] 30 and older are saying, `Why did this happen to me when I was only unsafe once or twice?'" says Mark Hodar, manager of HIV/STD services at Howard Brown Health Center in Chicago.
(The third and fourth volumes, Die Felsbildstation Hodar by Ditte Bandini-Konig and Die Felsbildstation Shing Nala and Gichi Nala by Ditte Bandini-Konig and Oskar von Hinuber, have also recently been published, in 1999 and 2001, respectively.) Shatial is distinct from the other Karakorum Highway sites in several respects.
tredecimguttatus) in various geographic regions such as Australia, Brazil, Canary Islands, Croatia, Dominican Republic, Israel, Italy, Mexico, New Zealand, Romania, South Africa, Spain, and USA have been reported to be engaged in preying on vertebrates (e.g., Blair 1934; Newlands 1978; Schwammer & Baurecht 1988; Blondheim & Werner 1989; Hodar & Sanchez-Pinero 2002; Lettink & Patrick 2006; Jones et al.
1992, Santamour and Lundgren 1996, Hodar and Palo 1997, Rousi et al.
Bader bin Saif Al Hodar as the secretary-general and Eng.
For this, the biomass of each prey taxon was estimated by means of regression equations that accounted for the allometric relationships between body length and body dry mass (Hodar 1996).