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HODLHold on for Dear Life (cryptocurrency investment slang)
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(2013) as well as Streissl and Hodl (2002) also make note of larger crayfish using larger boulders.
1)--the number of times per bout a frog extended each back leg out behind its body (Hodl and Amezquita, 2001); 5) direction change--the number of times per bout a frog turned in place to face any other direction; 6) movements--the number of times per bout a frog moved forward any distance using hops or crawling for locomotion; and 7) attacks--the number of times per bout one frog hopped onto the back of the other, usually for a few seconds, and then off again.
Stockholm: Six-month-old Nour Al Hodl smiles, perched on her mother's knee in the dining room of a spotless refugee reception centre in Maersta, north of Stockholm.
Hodl, Ludwig (1994) "Der Begriff der gottlichen Unendlichkeit in der Summa des Heinrich von Gent".
Looked nervy and should be exuding more confidence than he did as he failed to hodl shots which bounced back into dangerous areas.
Most works analyzing amphibian assemblages have focused on adult reproductive period or calling activity patterns (Hodl, 1977; Prado et al., 2005; Canavero et al., 2008), but the period of adult activity usually exceeds the reproductive season (Vaira, 2002).
Jan Colijn, Klaus Hodl, Louanne Clayton Jacobs, and Nancy Shiffrin.
In addition, the Jewish male body was often viewed in early-twentieth-century medical discourses as ambiguous, sexually indeterminate, effeminate, overly sexual, and diseased (see Gilman, Differences and Pathology; Hodl).
7.1 Gerald Hodl (Wien): Ein intellektueller Rebell.
Erich Hodl, from the European Academy of Sciences and Arts, and Kari Raivio, chair of the League of European Research Universities, also expressed worries.