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HOFSHall of Fame Standards
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Hofs, "Politeness and alignment in dialogues with a virtual guide," in Proceedings of the 7th International Joint Conference on Autonomous Agents and Multiagent Systems, AAMAS 2008, pp.
Where (Eq.) and (Eq.) are sums of the HOFs for products and reactants in gas at 298 K, respectively.
Die Stadt Lausanne (12) hat die eigene Domane (siehe Rovereaz) an ein Kollektiv verpachtet, das den Hof als Vorzeigebetrieb fur eine lokal ori entierte, okologische, soziale und solidar okonomische Landwirtschaft fuhrt.
Com base no exposto, e tendo conhecimento de que no inicio do processo de germinacao, com a reidratacao da semente, a respiracao e a primeira atividade metabolica a ser rapidamente ativada para niveis elevados, acelerando o metabolismo e a ativacao de enzimas respiratorias e hidroliticas (Hofs et al., 2004), a verificacao da qualidade fisiologica em sementes atraves do processo de respiracao tem merecido especial atencao, pela alta relacao verificada entre este fenomeno e a qualidade de sementes de algumas culturas, como por exemplo, feijao miudo (Aumonde et al., 2012) e girassol (Dode et al., 2012).
We propose, in this paper, to compute the histograms of the orientation of optical flow (HOFs).
More surprisingly, a recent study argues that Se og Hofs popular journalism has made a positive contribution to the struggle for acceptance and equal rights for gays and lesbians (Johnsen 2011).
He is fully immersed in the exotic culture of K-pop music, hofs, and jimjilbangs, and enraptured by gleaming neon lights, where vivacious night life thrives and rambunctious clones of global superstar, Psy, roam the streets daily.
They include Nils Petter Molvaer doing his thing on Jack Johnson/Black Satin; Paolo Fresu on a Gurtu/Cherry medley of Cosmic Roundabout and Brown Rice; the Lebanese four-valve trumpeter Ibrahim Maalouf adding his quartertones to Gurtu's equally microtonal drums - surely a marriage made in heaven; and the young American trumpet sensation Ambrose Akinmusire alongside classical trumpeter Matthias Hofs playing a double-bell instrument for All Blues.
Hofs group has been working on an alternative approach based on calixarenes.
Transgenic Bt cotton can effectively control specific lepidopterous species (Arshad et al., 2009), but there is lack of resistance against sucking insect pests (Hofs et al., 2004; Sharma and Pampapathy, 2006) and hence require continuous use of pesticides and other control tactics for effective management (Hilder and Boulter, 1999; Hofs et al., 2006).
Feyenoord midfielder Nick Hofs was sent packing in 62 minutes and PSV almost grabbed a second 10 minutes later when Ibrahim Afellay hit the post.