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HOFUHopewell Furnace National Historic Site (US National Park Service)
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Our plants in Hofu and Hiroshima will continue to evolve and act as parent factories, rapidly deploying their technologies and skills to our overseas plants,' he added.
In addition, Hofu Plant No.2 will start two-shift operation from August 2018 for a more flexible production system.
Vehicle manufacture started at Hofu in 1982, and domestic production has since been shared between the Hofu and Hiroshima Plants.
On top of the Hofu plant, Mazda envisions starting operating a new plant for the advanced transmission in Thailand in fiscal 2015, it added.
MORPETH'S Serod Batochir successfully defended his Hofu Yomiuri Marathon title in Japan.
(1) Da se gxst ongan gledum spiwan, beorht hofu bxrnan; bryneleoma stod eldum on andan.
Mazda plants in Hiroshima and Hofu have stopped production of new models.
overseas production at its Hofu factory in Yamaguchi on March
Different uncommon beta globin variants have also been reported from different parts of India, like HbD Iran ([beta]22 Glu [right arrow] Gln), Hb Hofu (P126 Val [right arrow] Glu) besides unspecified ones such as HbJ, HbK and HbM (8).
JT also said it will shut down its Hofu tobacco processing plant in Yamaguchi Prefecture at the end of March 2012 in consideration of dwindling domestic cigarette demand and fierce competition from rivals.
(1a) Wonderful is this cornerstone forpon pas hofu dreorgiad (29b) therefore this dwelling grows dismal Not only does the author seem to be talking to the reader, but he also seems to be showing him the object under description.
Due to the bad weather, Prime Minister Taro Aso canceled a trip to areas in Hofu, Yamaguchi Prefecture, which were stricken with downpours earlier this week, including a nursing home for the elderly where six people were killed in a mudslide.