HOIAHermann Ohlthaver Institute for Aeronomy (South Africa)
HOIAHeads of Internal Audit (UK)
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The experience requirements for HOIA have also been reduced from the earlier restrictive five years of relevant audit experience to three years in audit, finance or compliance function.
The proposed reading of chapter 23 is also in keeping with chapter 9, where Aristotle defines the difference between poietike and historia in terms of the content of their representations: the former "speaks of" "things as they might happen" (hoia an genoito), the latter of actual events (ta genomena).
Their procession was followed by a topical song by Hoia, 'I Don't Think You're in It, Old Man', a humorous account of contemporary disasters with interspersed recitations: ...
(53) The expression hoia an genoito is ordinarily translated as "the kinds of things that could (or might) happen." See Gerald F.
/.../ Inimene ei hoia miskis muus asjas nii kangekaelselt vanadest kombetest kinni, kui just toiduasjas." (51) Hindhede, kelle toitumislabori loomist ning teaduslikke eksperimente Taani valitsus 16 000 krooniga aastas toetas, toendas iseenda ja oma perekonna peal katsetades, et inimene saab palju odavama toiduga labi, kui seni arvatud.
(Gutslaff 1648) reige / Rega hoias: Emendation holas, (Goseken 1660) schicht / hohl / Reyhe; wortanlautendes h- ist sekundar, -s im Wortauslaut deutet entweder auf eine Kasusform der Lehnquelle oder auf Anpassung an das auf as-endende estnische Substantiv hin < ostbalt.