HOINAHomes of the Indian Nation (India; children's charity)
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Although the WESTMED building has not been registered for certification through the LEED green building program, Hoina said it was designed to achieve LEED certification mandates.
The third person demonstrative pronouns and demonstrative modifiers both mark gender and distance inherently in their stems, and indeed differ formally only in their initial consonant (or lack thereof): for example, the third singular masculine, feminine, and neuter middle forms of the demonstrative pronoun from the activated paradigm are foina, foia, and foiga respectively; those forms from the semi-activated paradigm are oina, oia, and oiga respectively, and the demonstrative modifier forms are hoina, hoia, and hoiga respectively.
kohi bhanchhan ma pagal some people say I'm crazy kohi bhanchhan ma sanki some people say I'm mad hoina kohi ma pagal sanki I'm not crazy or mad ma ta rock 'n' rollko pujari I'm a rock 'n' roll priest (6)