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HOJOHoward Johnson's (Hotel Chain)
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Misato Tachibana, MS, ATC, Yuki Nishitsuji, BA, and Hayato Yamamoto, MA, Graduate School of Health and Sports Science; and Tatsuya Hojo, MD, PhD, Department of Sports Medicine, Faculty of Health and Sports Science, Doshisha University, Kyoto, Japan.
eques the analysis suggests that spawning is partial, because it was noted a polimodal pattern in the distribution of oocytes diameter in mature females, as demonstrated in several small species (Hojo et al., 2004; Lourenco et al., 2008) and for Hyphessobrycon anisitsi (Eigenmann 1907) in southeastern Brazil (Goncalves et al., 2013).
Kentaro Izumi, Yuji Shimada, Daisuke Asaoka, and Mariko Hojo collected the data.
This theorem generalizes Hojo, Takahashi and Takahashi's attractive point theorem [6] in a Hilbert space.
Aoyagi, T., Saruta, K., Asahi, I., Hojo, H., Shibahara, T.
Clarke, author of The Art of Hojo Undo and hundreds of articles for martial arts magazines, revisits his early years as a troubled youth in Manchester, England and the first decade of the karate training that lifted him out of a violent existence.
Effects on the brain help Narathura japonica caterpillars recruit a corps of ant bodyguards, says chemical ecologist Masaru Hojo of Kobe University in Japan.
Posteriormente ocorreu a sanitizacao com cloro ativo a 200ppm/10 minutos (Hojo, 2010), e uma nova imersao em agua corrente durante dois minutos antes da separacao manual da polpa e semente.
Whatever it is, Rafi Sahib wherever you are, to quote from the same melodious number, Chawdhween ka chaand ho ya aftaab hojo bhi ho tum khuda ki qasam lajawab ho' You are and you were lajawab.
The HoJo's on the main strip of this Adirondack Mountain resort town and another in Bangor, Maine, are the last two restaurants operating under the famous name.