HOKSHaven of Kindred Spirits (pagan organization)
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The Songs: Older Sneak-Up Songs talk about carrying a wounded comrade back from the thick of battle (Eca Lakota hoks'ila was'os'eape, heyuha manipe, heyuha manipe).
When a group is being honored, or the one being honored does not have an Indian name, the following can be substituted: Lakota hoks'ila or Lakota wicas'a (Sioux boys or dancers); wicas'a kin' or winyan' kin' (The dancer or the woman); heyuska kin' (Any member of the Grass Dance Society); opeya okolakiciye (society member); oyate kin' (the people) or even tuwe seca (whoever, i.e., an unspecified person).
One of the town missionaries, for example, described the aftermath of one skirmish in 1837: 'John Street was in a complete state of disorder in consequence of a fight between a party of Irish labourers who came over here to reap the harvest and who, their hoks in hand, seemed well-disposed to use them upon some thoughtless young men who insulted them and cast reflections on these poor shoeless and shillingless bogtrotters from Connaught.'