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HOLCHome Owner's Loan Corporation
HOLCHigh Order Language Computer
HOLCHouse of the Lord Church
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Denton, American Apartheid 52 (1993) (citing a confidential HOLC survey of St.
moreover, to Professor Shiller's proposal for a new HOLC.
Neighborhood D-8 is 30% black at the time of the HOLC maps and
Even HOLC, to a large extent, considered mostly non-concessionary modifications and foreclosed on almost 20 percent of the borrowers to whom it lent.
3) Jackson (1985) points out that although the HOLC, which refinanced homes, made investments in all types of areas, its maps were used by the FHA and lending institutions in order to justify redlining.
A government agency founded in June 1933, HOLC provided 15-year mortgages at a time when three-year mortgages dominated the market, and it provided 80 percent loan-to-value mortgages when commercial lenders provided only 40 percent loan-to-value.
4 See Woelfel (1994) for a description of the HOLC and the FHA.
The HOLC made it possible for the first time for at least some lucky homeowners to take out mortgages running as long as 15 years, rather than the usual two or three years.
Combining this with the stories of those involved, the book offers a clear understanding of the HOLC within the context of the housing market in which it operated, including an examination of how the incentives and behaviors at play throughout the crisis influenced the effectiveness of policy.
42) The government seeded the HOLC with capital from the Reconstruction Finance Corporation (RFC), the industrial bank set up by Hoover to handle the banking collapse.
On HOLC, FHA, and FHLBB see Amy Hillier, "Residential Security Maps and Neighborhood Appraisals in Philadelphia," Social Science History 29, no.