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HOLLANDHope Our Love Lasts And Never Dies
HOLLANDHope Our Love Lives and Never Dies
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The brothers De Witt humoured Louis XIV., whose moral influence was felt by the whole of Europe, and the pressure of whose material power Holland had been made to feel in that marvellous campaign on the Rhine, which, in the space of three months, had laid the power of the United Provinces prostrate.
When their brethren had gone from Holland to America, they bethought themselves that they likewise might find refuge from persecution there.
I looked around me despairingly, and my eye alighted on the holland covering.
The thing that impressed itself most on me in Holland was the thoroughness of the agriculture and the excellence of the Holstein cattle.
This spring is the stadtholder." It is remarked by Sir William Temple, "that in the intermissions of the stadtholdership, Holland, by her riches and her authority, which drew the others into a sort of dependence, supplied the place."
The holland dress of the third offender had changed from yellow to white as she passed from the gray eastern twilight on the staircase into the warm western glow in the room.
Holland protects Charles II., let Holland do so; they will quarrel, they will fight.
In making his proposal, he produced references to persons of high social position in Holland, who could answer for hi m, so far as the questions of character and position were concerned.
Sabin who travels to New York, and for whom you engage rooms at the Holland House.
They aren't the best sheets, but they're good enough for anybody to sleep in, be he who he will; for as for them best Holland sheets, I should repent buying 'em, only they'll do to lay us out in.
As its name imports (smeer, fat; berg, to put up), this village was founded in order to afford a place for the blubber of the dutch whale fleet to be tried out, without being taken home to Holland for that purpose.
Do you know, they buy my pictures not only in Holland, but in Norway and Sweden and Denmark?