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Under the stern awning bearded Jackson jingled an old guitar and sang, with an execrable accent, Spanish love-songs; while young Hollis and I, sprawling on the deck, had a game of chess by the light of a cargo lantern.
The man's swum off," drawled out Hollis from the locker.
Then Jackson, with glittering drops of water on his hair and beard, came back looking angry, and Hollis, who, being the youngest of us, assumed an indolent superiority, said without stirring, "Give him a dry sarong--give him mine; it's hanging up in the bathroom.
There's no one here but you--and we three," said Hollis, quietly.
Jimmy Hollis and Colin Short whiled away many an hour inventing schemes for surmounting the obstacle presented by the barrier cliffs, and making ridiculous wagers as to which one Tom Billings had in mind; but immediately we were all assured that we had raised Caprona, Billings called us together.
Jimmy Hollis went over his armament and ammunition to see that nothing had been omitted.
Hollis, who was now in command, consulted his wrist-watch at frequent intervals.
Why, he told Jeff Thatcher, and Jeff told Johnny Baker, and Johnny told Jim Hollis, and Jim told Ben Rogers, and Ben told a nigger, and the nigger told me.
No, no, Miss Hollis ter, the doctor understands me; don’t you, doctor?
Some good ladies in Boston arranged a public meeting in the interests of Tuskegee, to be held in the Hollis Street Theatre.
As a fellow Catholic layman who shared Hollis's admiration for Orwell, I felt chagrined by Hollis's aggressive, no-holds-barred proselytism--as if Hollis was trying to convert his old schoolmate acquaintance posthumously into a pious churchman--or at least a religious fellow-traveler.
Hollis has always had to rely on her wits, but now she finds that others who don't have her well-being in mind are relying on them as well.