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HOMHomomorphism (mathematics)
HOMHeart of Mary
HOMhead of mission (US DoD)
HOMHit or Miss
HOMHall of Mirrors
HOMHead of Marketing
HOMHigh Order Mode (Fiber Optics)
HOMHigher Order Multiple (birth rate)
HoMHeads of Missions
HOMHomer, AK, USA - Homer Airport (Airport Code)
HOMHomeland Onshore Model (Synergroup Systems)
HOMHigh-Order Messaging (object-oriented languages)
HOMHierarchical Occlusion Map
HOMHigher Order Model
HOMHigh Octane Mode
HOMHearing Office Manager
HOMHigh Output Mode
HOMHazardous Organic Mishap
HOMHardware Object Module (IBM)
HOMHanford Occupational Medical System
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For the past two to three years, problems with the weather usually canceled the event, while traffic congestion forced HOM to spend more time on the road, according to the HOM president.
About HOM HOM is a family-owned business and has been led by its founders, founders Wayne Johansen, Rodney Johansen and Carl Nyberg for more than 30 years.
HOM approached Gabberts several times over the last five years about a possible acquisition, and the Gabberts board agreed that now was the right time to sell, according to Jim Gabbert.
The activities of "Made in Syria" in Homs took place on March 1-9, organized by Damascus and Damascus Countryside Chamber of Industry and Homs Chamber of Industry.
Government forces took full control of the heart of Homs on Thursday, after rebels in the Old City boarded buses and were transported to rebel-held territory to the north, the report said.
According to the deal, the rebels were taken a few kilometers north to the rebel-held towns of Talbiseh and Dar al-Kabira on the northern edge of Homs province.
Homs governor Talal Barazi confirmed that the rebels have started leaving Homs.
The evacuated rebels will be taken a few kilometres north of Homs to the towns of Talbiseh and al-Dar al-Kabira on the northern edge of the central province, according to AP.
In a sign the truce was taking hold, an Associated Press team in Homs on Friday reported that the city was unusually quiet, with no shots fired from either side.
A year-long blockade of Homs by Syrian government forces has created severe food shortages.
TENSE negotiations between the Syrian government and opposition focused on the transfer of power and helping besieged parts of the central city of Homs as they entered their fifth day.
Homs holds immense strategic and symbolic importance for both sides, and the ferocity of the fighting for control of it has left much of the city in ruins.