HOMABHands on Mouse and Board
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The analysis above revealed that the trend of HOMA-IR, QUICKI, FPI, and FPI/SI ratio as well as HOMAB became more significant in parallel with the worsening of glucose metabolism.
Notably, FPI/SI, rather than HOMAB, independent of IR, could detect [beta]-cell dysfunction in early stage of glucose intolerance and thus is clearly superior to HOMA-B in this regard.
However, previous studies have demonstrated that subclinical [beta]-cell defects could be identified even in insulin-sensitive nondiabetic offspring of patients by using hyperglycemia-hyperinsulinemic clamp, the OGTT, or the IVGTT [23, 24, 29], but decline of HOMAB was not observed during early stage of abnormal glucose tolerance, leading to underestimate the magnitude of the -[beta]-cell defect [31].