HOMABHands on Mouse and Board
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However, diabetics had significantly (<0.001) higher levels of FBG, [HbA1.sub.c], HOMAIR, and BMI but lower level of HOMAB than their nondiabetic counterpart.
Intergroup gender comparison of baseline data showed that diabetic males were significantly (P < 0.05) older and had higher levels of FBG, [HbA1.sub.c], and HOMAIR but lower level of HOMAB than control males (Figure 1).
In the presence of malaria, diabetics maintained significantly (P < 0.001) higher mean levels of BMI, FBG, and [HbA1.sub.c] but lower levels of serum insulin and HOMAB than controls (Table 2).
However, in the control group, significantly (P < 0.05) higher mean levels were observed for all the measured parameters except BMI and HOMAB (Table 4).
Malaria-induced HOMAIR correlated positively and moderately (R = 0.435; P = 0.001) but strongly (R = 0.901; P < 0.001) with malaria-induced HOmAb and insulin, respectively, in the diabetic group.
Similar analyses in the control group showed positive correlation of malaria-induced HOMAIR level with malaria-induced HOMAB (R = 0.479; P = 0.013), malaria-induced insulin (R = 0.978; P < 0.001), and baseline insulin level (R = 0.634; P = 0.011).