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to zero, Pertamax down from 1.57 million barrels to zero, reformat from 110,227 barrels to zero, Pertamax Plus from 654,105 barrels to zero and HOMC from 5.5 million barrels to 681,150 barrels.
Indonesia imports at least 8 types of BBM-from Singapore--Fuel Oil, Inco Fuel, HOMC, Avtur, Gas Oil, HSFO, IDO and DPK.
The types of imported BBM are automotive diesel oil (ADO), fuel oil, kerosene, HOMC, industrial diesel oil (IDO), aviation gases (avgas and avtur).
Table--1 Imports of refined oil products by off-takers Type of product Volume Offtakers (tons) HOMC 335,000 Pertamina Kerosene 1,100,000 Pertamina Diesel 189,000 Pertamina Light Naphtha 1,065,000 Pertamina & CAPC Total 2,689,000 Source: Data Consult Table--2 Naphtha production of Pertamina, 1997-2001 *) ('000 Barrels) Refineris 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 *) P.
Pertamina joined as a new shareholder through a product swap scheme under which feedstock supplied by Pertamina will be repaid with products produced by TPPI--2.,7 million tons of condensate from Pertamina with 2.7 million tons of petroleum products including middle distillate, high octane mogas component (HOMC) and light naphtha a year.
Under the scheme Pertamina will supply 2.7 million tons of condensate as feedstock to be repaid with 2.7 million tons of petroleum products including middle distillates, high octane mogas component (HOMC) and light naphtha.
It was reported that the scarcity of supply of high octane mogas component (HOMC) - the basic material for Premium - from Al-Achmadi refinery in Kuwait also caused the shortage in the supply of premium gasoline.
In addition to crude oil, oil refineries also use condensate, HOMC (High octane mogas components) and field gas as feedstock.
Imports from Singapore include fuel oil, Inco duel, HOMC, avtur, gas oil, HSFO, IDO and DPK.