HOMDHuman Oral Microbiome Database
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Alignment of the reads to the reference 16S rRNA HOMD, which defines the phylogenetic and taxonomic structure of the database and contains 1645 unique entries, revealed RNAs for >600 different prokaryote species in the fragmented CFS and WS samples (Table 2C) at a noise threshold of 1 RPKM.
4] Nonstandard abbreviations: RNA-Seq, massively parallel sequencing of transcripts; WS, whole saliva; CFS, cell-free saliva; HOMD, Human Oral Microbiome Database; RPKM, reads per kilobase per million uniquely mapped reads; miRNA, microRNA; ncRNA, noncoding RNA; snoRNA, small nucleolar RNA.
2 (1%) 22 (84%) Alignment to HOMD Uniquely Aligned Aligned to aligned to Sample to HOMD, 16S rRNA HOMD, HOMD, type x [10.