HOMDHuman Oral Microbiome Database
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BLAST analyses of the test materials' sequences with HOMD 16S rRNA database yielded five taxa on the phylum and 11 taxa on the genus level for both of the materials (Figure 3(a)).
Alignment of the reads to the reference 16S rRNA HOMD, which defines the phylogenetic and taxonomic structure of the database and contains 1645 unique entries, revealed RNAs for >600 different prokaryote species in the fragmented CFS and WS samples (Table 2C) at a noise threshold of 1 RPKM.
[4] Nonstandard abbreviations: RNA-Seq, massively parallel sequencing of transcripts; WS, whole saliva; CFS, cell-free saliva; HOMD, Human Oral Microbiome Database; RPKM, reads per kilobase per million uniquely mapped reads; miRNA, microRNA; ncRNA, noncoding RNA; snoRNA, small nucleolar RNA.