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HOMEYHomies Organizing the Mission to Empower Youth
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Homey then "shifted his efforts to the United States Court of Claims" and hired the Washington, D.C., law firm of Spaulding, Reiter and Rose to attempt to obtain back pay.
For example, in describing one of Malik's first encounters with some Harlem homeys, Jackson writes, "As I stood there it was like Malik had left his friends on the stoop and was standing in front of me, forty in hand, then spitting in my face, `Black boy blending.' The park was hardly a telephone booth and Superman I wasn't, but with a slow swagger I walked toward the group standing outside of the townhouse like I belonged in the neighborhood and they were mere loiterers.
The unique capabilities of electronics for enhancing text should not be overlooked (Anderson-Inman and Homey, 1998).
New facility gets homey, antique atmosphere for less
Montana felt homey because I got the opportunity to catch up with two of my favorite former Washington "temporary residents," two men who know firsthand what it means to do battle with the Religious Right.
The atmosphere became commercial rather than homey. And the pub became a distinctly public, Australian establishment.
Visitors may rent a homey cottage for two weeks for the same amount they might spend on a seven-day stay at a basic hotel room elsewher.
At 47, tall and rangy with wavy black hair, he had the kind of smooth good looks that deflect resentment by virtue of one homey defect, extruding ears.
Meanwhile, the store's interior styling features pieces that exude a touch of home to embrace the provincial, homey grillery ambience that Filipinos have grown accustomed to at Mang Inasal.
Presenting readers with an expansive compendium of local favorites, hard to find particulars, and homey, "family friendly" restaurants, Breakfast Santa Fe Style offers a quick and simple method of finding "Fancy, Funky, Family Friendly, and Fast" places, suitable for the likes of any Santa Fe culinary connoisseur.
Although the space was pre-built as a professional office, Nyland and Eckstein, who already have offices in New Jersey and Staten Island, saw the potential to create the homey space they wanted.