HOMIHealth Outcomes Management, Inc.
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HOMI will install the HOMI([R])330 minibars and the External Computerized Dry Section (EDS) in all the rooms, by June 2011.
HOMI will install the HOMI([R]) 232 computerized minibar systemin 375 rooms.
The decrease in revenues is mainly due to the sale of two of HOMI's subsidiaries in Europe, HOMI - Hotel Outsource Management International (Deutschland) GmbH and HOMI Italia S.
The orientation of HOMI is aim to comply with fashion, which is changing at every moment.
We are now starting to see the fruit of our Expansion Strategy in the luxury hotel market in our main target regions and are focused in continuation of the growth momentum of HOMI, with new contracts and installations to follow.
Daniel Cohen, HOMI's President, stated, "We believe that this reverse stock split will provide HOMI the flexibility to engage in future offerings and ultimately afford our shareholders greater liquidity and value on their investments.
today announced that they have signed a definitive agreement with respect to Hudson Securities' acquisition of HOMI in a reverse merger transaction.
HOMI") (OTCBB:HOUM) a multi-national service provider in the hospitality industry, supplying a range of services in relation to computerized minibars that are primarily intended for in-room refreshments announced today that a loan of $2,000,000 which HOMI Industries Ltd ("HOMI Industries") had received from Tomwood Limited, a BVI company ("Tomwood") is now being converted by Tomwood into shares of HOMI's common stock.
OB), a US-based company that offers flexible Minibar Service Programmes tailored to the hotel industry, has announced a financing for a company subsidiary, HOMI Industries Ltd.
today announced that they have signed a letter of intent with respect to Hudson Securities' acquisition of HOMI in a reverse merger transaction.
These revenues arose primarily from the sale of products in the minibars, as well as the direct sale of HOMI minibars.
HOMI Jehangir Bhabha was a great lover of music and a gifted artist, besides being one of the most outstanding scientists of India.