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HOMOHomosexual (slang)
HOMOHighest Occupied Molecular Orbital
HOMOHonorable Order of Macintosh Operators (Player vs. Player web comic)
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Homo sapiens, the species we belong to, evolved 200,000 years ago.
A date younger than 2 million years would support the idea that many Homo species, as well as many Australopithecus species (SN: 8/10/13, p.
Homo naledi seems to have appeared in Africa before Homo erectus, which had a bigger brain, 74% the size of modern man's, whose brain is about the size of a large grapefruit.
Our species, called Homo sapiens, is the only surviving member of this group.
It had tried to create a Homo LASTus bourgeoisie in opposition and in lieu of the non-Muslim bourgeoisie that was hegemonically dominant in the Ottoman times, since Muslims preferred agriculture, small shop ownership, artisanship and bureaucracy.
Susan Anton, professor of anthropology at New York University, said that they could tell the species apart based on differences in the shape of their skulls, especially their face and jaws, but not on the basis of size and the differences in their skulls suggest early Homo divvied up the environment, each utilizing a slightly different strategy to survive.
As a result, five species of early Homo have been identified, including Homo habilis, Homo rudolfensis and Homo erectus.
The new species still is similar to other austrelopiths by virtue of its small body size and longer upper limbs with large joint surfaces, among other things, indicate paleoanthropoiogists, who believe the discovery marks a new link between the traits of the more rugged Australopithecus africanus that was present 1,000,000 years earlier and the later taxon Homo habilis that eventually evolved into Homo erectus.
The Homo Cowellis has excellent language skills, though hasn't developed any discernible talents of his own.
For 60 years the belief has persisted Homo sapiens were intellectually more advanced than Neanderthals, enabling them to come out top in the competition to survive.
when skin was in and homo had a completely different meaning.
Homo economicus rests on the silent premises that human communication today is no different than it was in Adam Smith's day, and therefore human beings relate to each other and to themselves no differently than 225 years ago.