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HOMOHomosexual (slang)
HOMOHighest Occupied Molecular Orbital
HOMOHonorable Order of Macintosh Operators (Player vs. Player web comic)
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The reason it is so eerie to think of a Neanderthal making a hand-image is that the painted hands - not to mention bison, horses and mammoths - found in European caves have come to be seen as the moment when the modern human mind itself is born: the first evidence not just of the intelligence of Homo sapiens but our capacity to imagine and dream, to reflect, in short to possess consciousness.
Por esa razon, cuando en 2015 se encontro al Homo naledi con caracteristicas fisicas primitivas, se penso que su antiguedad era de dos millones de anos, aunque habia rasgos anatomicos no acordes.
In sum, we hypothesized that homo economicus belief would inhibit men's trust rather than that of women, and conducted two experiments to investigate the moderating effect of gender.
A growing body of evidence has hinted at this connection," Joshua Robinson, lead author of the study and a postdoctoral researcher with the Institute of Human Origins at Arizona State University (ASU), said in a statement Monday, "but, until now, we had no direct environmental data for the origins of Homo now that it's been pushed back in time.
Scientists initially thought Homo naledi's anatomy suggested the fossils might be as much as 2.
As Homo sapiens becomes Homo deus, what new destinies will we set for ourselves?
naledi represent a variant of Homo erectus, as some scientists have argued.
Skull Structure: The skeleton of Homo habilis in structure has a great resemblance with the Australopithecus but the fundamental difference between the two is the trend towards larger brain case, which is the prime qualification of human generation.
It is conceivable that the tiny Homo floresiensis evolved its miniature body proportions during the initial 300,000 years on Flores, and is thus a dwarfed side lineage that ultimately derives from Homo erectus.
Homo naledi had a nose that stuck out from its face like a human's nose.
Homo habilis, the first member of our genus, lived 1.
Africa is a hotbed for human ancestor fossils, and scientists from Arizona State University have worked for years at the site in northeast Ethiopia, trying to find fossils from the dimly understood period when the Homo genus, or group, arose.