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HONKHauptschüler Ohne Nenneswerte Kenntnisse (German)
HONKHyperosmolar Non-Ketotic Coma
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Guertin said she was drawn to this particular show by the multigenerational appeal of the humor in "Honk!" From pure sight gags to sophisticated adult humor, "Honk!" delivers something for every age, she said.
"Honk" follows in a proud tradition that includes last year's production of "Oliver," in turn preceded by "Beauty and the Beast," "Seussical," "Annie," "Sound of Music," "Peter Pan," and on and on as far back as only people such as Judy Beekman can remember.
"We get a very zoned audience this way, " explains Honk's editor James McLaren.
A honk generally moves the guilty drivers eyes from the screen to the road for a second, or just long enough to save some lives.
Summary: New Delhi [India], August 29 (ANI): After breaking several records in India and China, Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan's sports drama is creating 'Dangal' in Honk Kong too.
Residential areas are supposed to be 'no honk' zones.
As soon as I hear the honk behind me, I invariably step on the gas angrily.
In my day, we went outdoors after dessert and ran off our dinner and when it was dark, were allowed back in the house, and we flopped down on the floor and listened to Uncle Lew tell about the night their house burned down in Charles City, Iowa, and afterward watched oThe Bell Telephone Houro on television with Robert Merrill and Patrice Munsel singing oDear Hearts and Gentle People,o and then a horn honked in the driveway and my sister came down from upstairs where sheAEd been primping in the bathroom and Mother said, oTell him he has to come inside and pick you up, he canAEt sit in the car and honk.o And so the boy came in.
CHARLTON - A day care provider thinks a petty thief stole a bold and bright, approximately 16-square-foot sign, titled "Honk 4 the Sox," which had been created by kids no older than 6.
Sullivan had voiced concerns at the apparent slow progress being made in buying City by Honk Kong businessman Yeung who paid pounds 15 million for an initial 29.9% stake last month.
A French goose, dubbed Honk Williams, upstaged the cast of a musical when he launched into his own performance at Harvey's Point Hotel on the shore of Lough Eske near Donegal town.
The story of Hans Christian Anderson's ugly duckling becomes a musical comedy for the whole family when "Honk!" opens Friday at Actors Cabaret of Eugene.