HONNAHistoric Old Northeast Neighborhood Association (St. Petersburg, FL)
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It further indicates that when interacting with people from different cultures, the native speaker is expected to learn how to accommodate the non-standard form of language varieties, such as "foreigner talk", "interlanguage", "pidgin", and "Japanese English" that often emerge in intercultural encounters, so that the intercultural understanding can be attained (Honna, 2008; Long, 1983).
Shindo H, Honna T, Yamamoto S, Honma H (2004) Contribution of charred plant fragments to soil organic carbon in Japanese volcanic ash soils containing black humic acids.
Safe And Sound -- Capital Cities (Grady Hall, video director; Buddy Enright, video producer) Picasso Baby: A Performance Art Film -- Jay Z (Mark Romanek, video director; Shawn Carter & Aristides McGarry, video producers) Can't Hold Us -- Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Featuring Ray Dalton (Jon Jon Augustavo, Jason Koenig & Ryan Lewis, video directors; Tricia Davis, Honna Kimmerer & Jenny Koenig, video producers) Suit & Tie -- Justin Timberlake Featuring Jay Z (David Fincher, video director; Timory King, video producer) I'm Shakin' -- Jack White (Dori Oskowitz, video director; Raquel Costello, video producer)
Sabahy appeared on CBC TV channel's Honna Al-A'sema show on Tuesday, where he discussed several political and economic issues.
Endo T, Yamamoto S, Honna T, Takashima M, Iimura K, Lopez R, Benson M (2000) Behaviour and distribution of salts under irrigated agriculture in the middle of Baja California, Mexico.
O oedd, meddai hi, drws nesaf i''r Ffatri Corona, ac ar l honna roedd Ffatri Corsets.
Horikawa Y, Kawachi S, Honna T (2004) Sedimentation behavior of dispersed particles of clay and silt in acidic and alkaline suspensions of inorganic materials from various volcanic ash soils.
As a result of its integration into the regime power structure, the military had wielded enormous influence in elite recruitment, policymaking, and public administration at every level of the state (Honna 2003).
When, awhile back, I tried contacting Buzz Spector by searching on-line for his Cornell University address, the Art department site fell open to an interesting page--excuse me, triggered an interesting pop-up--of the MFA thesis recently submitted by one of his students, Honna Austin.
Jun Honna shows how the lines between legality and illegality became so blurred under New Order rule.
029 2087 THEATRE Theatr Gen Creu ar daith: Pwy 'Sgrifennodd Honna? Rehearsed readings of plays by local playwrights Gruffudd Eifion Owen and Lowri Morgan.