HONOHonolulu, Hawaii
HONONitrous Acid (chemistry)
HONOHandsOn New Orleans (New Orleans, LA volunteer organization)
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2] was introduced into humidified air have shown that HONO concentrations increase in a fashion that matches the decrease in N[O.
Under the experimental conditions presented in (Febo, Perrino 1991), 98% of the HONO was released from the surfaces into the gas phase while all of the HN[O.
To test their idea, they measured the concentration of HONO - a chemical term for gaseous nitrous acid - that escaped from a defined volume of arable soil.
The quantity of released HONO closely matched the researchers' estimates based on acid/base and solubility equilibria.
One of the main accepted mechanisms for the formation of HONO is the three body recombination reaction of the hydroxyl radical with nitric oxide [12]:
It has been hypothesized that the yield in HONO for the title reaction is 0.
Modernized in 1995, High Octane implemented measures at HONO to increase its refining capacity and improve environmental and economic efficiencies.
However, the engineering team leader had some bad news for HONO.
Indoor HONO concentration from the heterogeneous reactions can be affected by indoor N[O.
A few studies have measured residential HONO concentrations because measurement of HONO at the relevant levels has been technically difficult.
HONO, too, is formed by gas combustion, and is also a by-product of N[O.
In April and May 1996, the team measured indoor and outdoor HONO, N[O.