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HOODSHigh-Resolution Oceanographic Observation Data Set
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They do say that Robin Hood and his men care little for the Sheriff," he said.
But Robin Hood himself was on this very road the last time I came to town," said the other.
Up they ran to Robin Hood and doffed their caps to him respectfully, while the Sheriff sat still from very amazement.
The brows of Dr Hood were drawn down darkly, but the eyes under them were bright with something that might be anger or might be amusement.
And the young woman of the house," asked Dr Hood, with huge and silent amusement, "what does she want?
asked Dr Hood, who had been studying the young lady with marked interest.
Never a word said Robin Hood, but he looked at the foresters with a grim face; then, turning on his heel, strode away from them down the forest glade.
Now, well would it have been for him who had first spoken had he left Robin Hood alone; but his anger was hot, both because the youth had gotten the better of him and because of the deep draughts of ale that he had been quaffing.
The natural and rough sense of Robin Hood led him to be desirous that the scene should be closed ere any thing should occur to disturb its harmony, the more especially that he observed Ivanhoe's brow clouded with anxiety.
It is well and wisely spoken, brave Robin Hood,'' said Wilfred, apart; ``and know, moreover, that they who jest with Majesty even in its gayest mood are but toying with the lion's whelp, which, on slight provocation, uses both fangs and claws.
Now she returns and begins to quarrel with Robin Hood.
No one is more astonished than Robin Hood, as he cries: