HOOHHome Office Overhead
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2] [right arrow] HOO (hydrogen peroxy radical) HOO + PH [right arrow] HOOH (hydrogen peroxide) + P (back to Step 1) Scission HOOH + UV [right arrow] HO + OH (hydroxide radical) PH + OH [right arrow] [H.
Thus, the irrelevance of the museum, which is "little frequented," is reproduced in the bizarre departments of HOOH, with its resident witch doctor and toy builders, and then further reproduced, as if ad infinitum, in the model.
By the beginning of Unconditional Surrender, Guy has himself become a piece of martial flotsam, relegated to a forgotten office in the HOOH, which "he shar[es] with a plaster reconstruction of a megalosaurus, under whose huge flanks his trestle table was invisible from the door" (501).