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HOOTSHigher Order Operational Techniques in Semantics
HOOTSHigh Order of the Owl Tailgate Society (Rice University; Houston, TX)
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Representatives of the two hospital units were asked along to the HOOTS group to be presented with a cheque.
TBut it is only one half of the reason that Hoot Roots' gigs are proving such a success in Huddersfield.
To be sure, this novel is not sympathetic toward the fictional Senator Hoots, not even when Bowater is happy to avoid taking a stand against his boss's more extreme actions or rhetoric.
To give a hoot, visit http://thehoothoots.com/, or for more information, contact press@bhpnewyork.com or kcr@bhpnewyork.com for licensing.
"But I've said from day dot that I don't really give two hoots what people say.
For information on the Two Hoots Llama trekking Centre visit the website at www.twohootsllamas.co.uk.
Tests in which recorded hoots were played back to owls showed they had a big effect on behaviour.
A series of playback experiments was conducted to monitor the reaction of owls to broadcast hoots.
This is the child, draped in white, who loves the cat, all inky black, who stalks the owl who hoots at the bat who dips and dives up in the sky above the mouse
They count the number of the different types of owl hoots they hear.
Even when the lights went down between numbers, hollers and hoots lingered.