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HOPFHome Office Police Force (UK)
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The speakers' emphasis on strength and perseverance resonated with Hopf.
Hopf, who was expecting its release in March, said it should identify the problem spots, provide an accurate measurement of the volume of tailings, outline remediation options and the clean up costs.
In fact, monoidal Hom-coalgebras, monoidal Hom-bialgebras, and monoidal Hom-Hopf algebras are coalgebras, bialgebras, and Hopf algebras in the category [??]([M.sub.k]), respectively.
Therefore, based on the Hopf bifurcation theorem in [39], we can obtain the following results.
For this model, we consider the inhibition efficiency parameter [[GAMMA].sub.2] to explore stability of equilibria and oscillatory behaviors via Hopf bifurcation through its critical value as negative feedback usually leads to oscillation.
En este trabajo se presentan algunos elementos necesarios para identificar la existencia de una bifurcacion de Hopf, con o sin parametros, y determinar bajo que condiciones el sistema (2) presenta una bifurcacion de Hopf sin parametros, de tipo eliptica o hiperbolica, en una linea de puntos de equilibrio.
'Nina' left cabins, huts and other facilities in CWC wrecked but according to Hopf, they are now 100 percent back to business.
Even the naive translation of normal subgroups to normal Hopf subalgebras is problematic.
In Section 3, we discuss the local stability of equilibria by analyzing the corresponding characteristic equations and we prove the existence of Hopf bifurcations for the model.
proposed hyperchaotic Rikitake system which was a novel four-dimensional autonomous nonlinear system and assured the existence of Hopf bifurcation [22].
However, the existence of a Hopf bifurcation is rarely reported in proportional-integral (PI) type hydroturbine generating system with time delay.