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HOPIHome Ownership Preservation Initiative (Neighborhood Housing Services of Chicago)
HOPIHybrid Optical and Packet Infrastructure
HOPIHistory of Present Illness
HOPIHorizontal Project for Integration
HOPIHarambee Ombudsman Project, Inc. (Milwaukee, WI)
HOPIHeating Oil Purchasing Initiative (Regional Economic Community Action Program; New York state)
HOPIHistory of Physicists in Industry
HOPIHelp Our People Improve
HOPIHandbook of Operating Instructions
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The United States' fast pace and tendency toward sudden, dramatic changes is not always a comfortable fit with the Hopi values of resilience and tenacity, yet it has not been possible for the Hopi to remain completely isolated from the rest of American culture.
$18,000 Nampeyo of Hano (Hopi, 1859-1942) Attributed, Pictorial Pottery Jar.
government, which is an owner of the plant, can fulfill its trust duty to the Hopi and Navajo people, and in turn, protect rural towns, through swift and decisive action to keep the plant online.This will require holding stakeholders accountable, ensuring the law is upheld and recognizing that the Navajo Generating Station is important for protecting energy security, water delivery and tribal economies in the U.S.
"I don't know if he (McCain) did not understand but he advocated for corporate interests against our tribal aboriginal rights," said former Hopi Chairman Ben Nuvamsa.
Based on over thirty years of archival and field research, "The Doctor Danced with Us: Jeremiah Sullivan and the Hopi, 1881-1888 and Other Essays" by Louis A.
The mine and the power plant support 825 jobs and provide approximately 85% of the Hopi Tribe's annual general fund budget and 22% of the Navajo Nation's annual general budget.
Each of us--the white, purportedly wealthy foreigners and the purportedly traditional Hopi artists still working in the "old ways"--were following scripts not of our devising, and it was distinctly painful to be reliving American history in dramatic form, here and now.
The work began to assume the character of a comparison between Hopi and western European languages.
Corn, as is well known, is the key metaphor to Hopi life.
Embassy in Paris, sacred Navajo and Hopi masks were to be sold at auction.
"Traveling through Arizona, I was terribly curious myself, about what life on an Indian reservation was like when I visited a Hopi tribe," said author Ellen S.
In this installation, the austere, tiled psychiatric observation cells of Alcatraz, used for the isolation and observation of mentally ill inmates, resonated with chanting recorded at a Buddhist monastery and a traditional song of the Hopi tribe.