HOPINHelping Other People in Need (Philadelphia, PA; est. 2007)
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Chairman and Gintlemen," said the Other, "it sames to me, and I'm hopin' yez wull approve the suggistion, that an appropriet way to honour the mimory of the decaised would be to erect an emolument sootably inscribed wid his vartues."
An' so they've been comin' ev'ry day ter tell her how glad she's made THEM, hopin' that'll help some.
There's no gettin' away from it, Saxon; I gotta have you, an' I'm just hopin' hard you gotta have me.
'George' of course he'd have to be, but seein' what he is we was hopin'--all your people was hopin'--it 'ud be 'Lashmar' too, and that'ud just round it out.
"It's better to learn wisdom before you get into a cookin'-pot; so we will content ourselves with hopin' that there is no trouble waitin' for us, and at the same time we will act as if there were.
It also responds to new trends and supports the use of digital platforms in passenger transport, such as Uber, Taxify, Liftago, or Hopin.Due to the Road Transport Act of 2012, a license and the fulfilment of several conditions are necessary to operate a taxi service, the SITA newswire wrote on June 26.
It's Love That Really Counts follows the story of Kinslet, Tony Crane, Aaron Williams and John Banks on the road as pop stars, revealing the background to their hit records including the book's title, I Think of You, Don't Turn Around and Wish' and Hopin.
Sinead said: "We are hopin g 2010 is our year as we have been working towards the Olympics and know we are now up there among the best.
By launching major electricity production plants, with several others in the pipeline, the country is hopin to diversify its sources of energy, in order to give itself the means of its ambitious development.
Shout features rousing renditions of such classics as "I Know a Place," "Wishin' and Hopin" "Don't Sleep in the Subway" "Downtown" and "Goldfinger" among many others.
While small jade stones could be transported by air, the much larger boulders were conveyed overland, usually on mules or elephants, from the mining areas to the nearest train stations (Mogaung, Sarhmaw and Hopin) and then to Mandalay.
While they are sittin', hopin,' and dreamin'--which we all have been doing for years--they'd better be focusing on an education, jobs, and a life just in case the "cure" is a long time a-comin'.