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HOPINGHope and Optimism for Palestinians in the Next Generation (UK)
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When something that we hope for thus, we do not even know or feel it has already arrived from that horizon upon which we locate hoping.
If I underestimate the challenge or overestimate my ability, I am presuming, rather than hoping, to attain the desired object.
Pruyser says, "The language of hoping does not accentuate action verbs, but verbs of relationship.
When Tom Moylan identifies "radical hope" as "the correlate sociopolitical position" of the utopian genre (Scraps of the Untainted Sky 157), this identification clearly implies the existence of "non-radical" modes of hoping which, presumably, lack any correlation with utopia.
* From exercise to herbals, women in all age groups are more concerned with food, and hoping to do more to stay healthy than their male counterparts.
"I was hoping to meet people and get extra help for my kids.
It is always the same: "Dear God, thank you for the dinner and thank you for the nice day and I hope ..." And here is the only part that ever changes "I hope I have a good time playing with Jane and Alison" or "I hope I have a good time at Noni and Grandpa's." Whatever it is she is "hoping" for is always something she has done that day.