HOPPHuman Oncology and Pathogenesis Program (Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center; New York, NY)
HOPPHalf Object Plus Protocol
HOPPHealthy Options for Pregnancy and Parenting (wellness program)
HOPPHome Ownership Preservation Program (various locations)
HOPPHome Ownership for Permanency Project (New Jersey)
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In FuzAMP, multiple criteria, such as HOF, HOPP and UE speed, in addition to the conventional HHO criterion, RSRP, are considered to evaluate the HO decision.
These outputs are inferred by FLC taking into consideration HOF and HOPP ratios at various UE speeds as input variables.
Multiple preparation also enables the algorithm to assign similar weights, unlike in [22], for all criteria, HOF and HOPP ratios and UE speeds.
The performance metrics for FuzAMP include HOPP, HOF, and PLR, which were defined in section 4.
where the ratio of HOPP indicates the number of HOPPs relative to the total number of HOs (successful HO and HOF) and where the successful HO includes the total number of normal HOs (non-ping pong) and HOPPs.
9 shows that the performance of the FLC part of FuzAMP is evaluated in terms of the HO parameters with HOPP and HOF ratios at different UE speeds.
Such inefficient adjustable parameters are not desirable because of the increase in HOF at low speeds, extra late HO, and increased HOPP at high speeds, which are exacerbated by the shadowing effects.
At the same speed, FuzAMP increases the TTT to minimize the HOPP ratio and prevents the HOF ratio from increasing.
11 shows that, at a low speed of 3 km/h, TTT must rapidly increase to decrease the high HOPP ratio and keep the UE anchored to the serving eNB.