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HOPSHenkilökohtainen Opetussuunnitelma (Finnish: independent study)
HOPSHIV Outpatient Study
HOPSHydroxypropyl Starch
HOPSHypophosphatasia, Infantile
HOPSHarvesting Opportunity Permit Scheme
HOPSHosting Operations
HOPSHistoric Ocala Preservation Society (Florida)
HOPSHistory, Observation, Palpation, Special Tests
HOPSHelmet-mounted Optical Projection System
HOPSHead Office Processing System
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Between these more serious occupations the Saturday night hop with the paper-box factory girls came as a refining influence and as an efficient screen.
I've a gentleman friend that's coming 'round to escort me to the hop."
"Lots of things he never saw," said the favourite of the hop.
Nevertheless, I had sufficient lucidity left to understand that, if the grasshopper were turned, it would hop...and with it many members of the human race!
Hop Higgins sat down by the stove and took off his shoes.
With Hop Higgins safely stowed away in the chair behind the stove only three people were awake in Winesburg.
Through the hotel office, past Hop Higgins lost in his dream of the raising of ferrets, he went and up into his own room.
And I'm sure I couldn't hop so far on one foot when Jane couldn't even hop around the garden."
She never tells you it's your own fault and she hopes you'll be a better girl on account of it.
"Can't be helped, Marmee, so you must resign yourself to all sorts of worries, and let your birds hop out of the nest, one by one.
When Laurie first went to college, he fell in love about once a month, but these small flames were as brief as ardent, did no damage, and much amused Jo, who took great interest in the alternations of hop, despair, and resignation, which were confided to her in their weekly conferences.
I brood too much over my own small affairs, and need stirring up, so as I can be spared this winter, I'd like to hop a little way and try my wings."