HOPWAHousing Opportunities for Persons With AIDS
HOPWAHelpers of People with AIDS (Washington)
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Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF), VA disability pensions, general assistance, home relief, home energy assistance, food stamps, school lunch program enrollment, Women's, Infants' and Children's (WIC) benefits, HOPWA and other housing subsidies are canceled if you leave the country (or, usually, even the state) for over 30 days.
The Obama Administration continues to step up with programs such as HOPWA to meet that need," Rep.
The Mayor's work on HOPWA and the recent formation of the Mayor's Leadership Council on HIV and AIDS illustrates his continued commitment to this issue," stated Daniel Montoya, APLA's Director of Government Affairs.
2 billion HOPWA $232 million $260 million FY 2000 Change Program Actual from FY 2000 HOME Core funding $1.
Ninety percent of HOPWA funds are distributed by formula to cities and states based on the number of AIDS cases reported to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, an agency of the U.
The amendment was approved by a vote of 212 -- 207 bringing HOPWA funding back to the 1999 funding level of $225 million.
HOPWA grants expand housing opportunities, provide rental assistance, and support services to individuals with HIV/AIDS and their families.
The HOPWA renewal grants announced today are part of a competition to continue operating existing programs around the country.
HOPWA Grants, which provide housing for people with AIDS.
For the past three years, the Center has received $225,000 per year in HUD funds through the Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS or HOPWA grant.
Cuomo noted that this year's budget -- in which money for HOPWA grants has increased from $100 million in 1993 to $258 million this year -- is an example of the Administration's commitment to the gay and lesbian community.
The HOPWA program provides states and localities the resources and incentives to devise long-term comprehensive strategies for meeting the housing needs of persons with HIV/AIDS and their families.