HOQHouse of Quality (Quality Function Deployment)
HOQHysteroid-Obsessoid Questionnaire
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2009) constructed the numeric HOQ based on group decision-making, and Buyukozkan et al.
In addition to its comprehensiveness, this study differs from conventional representations of the results of HOQ based on two-dimensional analysis.
2009) determined the importance of customer needs within HOQ via the Kano model and AHP.
Na ABS Eletrodomesticos, a aplicacao do QFD nao esta completamente consolidada e alguns desafios e dificuldades tem sido enfrentados, incluindo fatores relacionados ao comprometimento de lideres e colaboradores de projetos, tempo para construcao da HOQ, a integracao e relacionamento entre areas funcionais e a disponibilidade de informacoes atualizadas.
10 Quarto #10 - Rever cada quarto da HOQ e sua relacao com os demais quartos (ver importancia relativa).
Next, the market attractiveness of the process-technology segments is assessed with an HOQ chart to choose the target segments (step 12).
Alternatively, another HOQ chart can be applied to evaluate the priority of each process-technology segment for a semiconductor foundry company.
The market attractiveness of each system-product segment was evaluated with an HOQ chart (Figure 2) that relates the market attractiveness to the system-product segment.
Next, the market attractiveness of each IC segment was assessed with an HOQ chart to choose target IC segments, as shown in Figure 3.
Figure 5 is another HOQ chart that relates S-Company's competitive position to the process technology segments.
The HOQ brings the perceptions of the client in terms that engineers can understand.
Customers perceptions displayed in the HOQ focused in the manner in which complementing functions were performed.