HOQHouse of Quality (Quality Function Deployment)
HOQHysteroid-Obsessoid Questionnaire
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The series of matrices, called House of Quality (HoQ) can have many forms, but all of them include 6 basic parts, presented in Fig.
In particular, a problem arises when different quality assessment results are derived depending on the quality matrix that is applied for the house of quality (HOQ).
Deploying QFD involves building a House of Quality (HoQ).
In their court papers, Ana and Gonz did not deny any of these facts,let alone present evidence to the contrary, Hoq told me.
(155) See Laboni Amena Hoq, Note, The Women's Convention and its Optional Protocol: Empowering Women to Claim Their Internationally Protected Rights, 32 COLUM.
| The John Willmott team (from left, back) Kai Reiss Bell, |Zain Hoq, Ismaeel Khan, Nathan Pearce, Alisha Patel and Zara Karim Ellis (front) Yazmin Cope and Phoebe Hall
(2.) Rahman N, Firdousi S, Hoq N, Amin R, Kabir J; evaluation of OSPE and Traditional Practical Examination.
[10] Hoq MZ Amin M The role of customer satisfaction to enhance customer loyalty Afr.
As Ramanathan and Yunfeng [12] address, when QFD is used for designing a product or a service, the expectations of customers are related to the main design characteristics of the product and service through a matrix generally known as the "house of quality" (HoQ).
The relationships between the CRs and the design requirements (DRs) could be expressed in the form of a house of quality (HOQ) matrix such as that shown in Table 1 [32-33].
Its president, Mominul Hoq said that villagers of the area suspect that the state government was involved in the violence.