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HORHorror (movies genre)
HORHouse of Representatives
HORHome Of Record
HORHalls of Reflection (World of Warcraft dungeon)
HORHigher Order Rewriting
HORHydrogen Oxidation Reaction (chemistry)
HORHorta, Azores, Portugal (airport code)
HORHell on Rails (RC aircraft)
HORHouse of Rahl (Terry Goodkind's Sword of Truth series)
HORHand-Over Request
HORHumber Oil Refinery (NE Lincolnshire, UK)
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The HoR and the UN rejected it, both charging that the Supreme Court acted under MB coercion, with the international community still recognising the HoR as being the only legitimate authority in Libya.
The HoR enjoys international recognition and joined forces with renegade General Khalifa Haftar's 'Operation Dignity', which launched in May with the aim of combating "terrorism" in the coastal city of Benghazi.
The CNRP should end protests on streets and join the National Assembly if it really wants to demand for an electoral reform or a re-vote," Hor Namhong said during a meeting with visiting British Minister of State at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office Hugo Swire.
Some of the areas are purely residential but there is an acute shortage of parking in Hor Al Anz.
He added that the information indicated to the existence of a weapons cache in the Hor area, which led the police force to search for the cache where it found the cache in addition to the three bodies.
Se og Hor then followed suit in its Sweden and Denmark editions.
Hor Namhong, whose country currently chairs the 10-member ASEAN, is also thought to have offered to facilitate talks between North and South Korea on the sidelines of the regional security meeting, at which all countries involved in the six-party talks will be present.
An if a bloke holds open a door, hor chap will kick 'is teeth in for trying te pinch his lass.
Hor Akl also pleaded guilty to money laundering, bankruptcy fraud and perjury charges.
Hor Namhong made a visit to Iran last week and he signed a petroleum deal there.
They occasionally come to the museum on weekends and just seem to want to be in the presence of Tem Hor.
A letter from El Hor in which she appeared to be encouraging him to become a martyr was also found in Nassari's possessions.